Al Murray Pub Landlord Raises A Smile (And Money) For Charity

May 8, 2009 by  
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Bighearted  pub comedian Al Murray had a brushstroke of genius when he got off his fat ‘arts’ to help online cancer charity No Surrender.

The bidding is now open for the work of art created by Murray, who is best known for his blazer wearing alter ego ‘the pub landlord.’

Al Murray stayed well within his Happy Hour show’s usual material and broke no new ground with his creation, opting for writing a range of his catchphrases in the shape of a Union Jack.

No Surrender is an online social networking charity which provides a unique support system for young people suffering from cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

If the sight of Murray’s big pink head fills you with mirth, then you can bid for, and watch the creation of, his masterpiece here.

Other celebrities who have contributed to the auction include Ricky Gervais, Harry Hill and nineties teenage songstrels New Kids On The Block.