Extreme Male Beauty Review: Moob-Busters

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extrememalebeauty-300x210EXTREME MALE BEAUTY, Thursday 7th May, Channel 4, 10.00pm Alert Me

I always thought that the TV watershed was completely unnecessary. Yet having watched Extreme Male Beauty whilst sipping my morning hot chocolate, a was confronted with a much higher percentage of flaccid penis than I would care to view, at least before lunchtime.

This led to a split-screen shot of bellies like black holes (complete with anti-gravity suction power), torso’s that sag like Droopy Dawg’s perma-jowls and nether regions that resembled John Merrick. This show is not, I repeat, not for the faint-hearted, easily offended or those born without a sense of humour.

Presenter, Tim Shaw, is the type of man I go for: ginger, somewhat hairy, GSOH, and complete with a body shape that won’t make me feel insecure or inadequate. Yet, shocking as it initially seemed, Tim was keen to promote the plight of male body angst and address what he felt were his own shortcomings. The focus of this episode – man boobs.

Following on from Ten Years Younger and other makeover shows, Extreme Male Beauty features one  Average Joe who is looking to transform his figure from fat to phat with the help of life-changing surgery. Though,  I still can’t understand why Channel 4 insist on using the word “extreme” in the titles of these shows- everyone’s getting plastic surgery these days! As far as I’m concerned, it’s only extreme if the procedure takes place in shark infested waters, or if the entire theatre is dropped out of an aeroplane. This week, chavtastic Paul from Doncaster reveals his desire to look like… Peter Andre (?!) and is made over by Tim crack team of Male Beauty moguls, who could be confused for James Bond impersonators in their “snappy suits and fast cars” montage.

The apparent pressure for men to look like a baby-oiled Adonis is something we women have been missing, probably because we are too busy reading the “Skinny Celeb Special” in Heat, attempting to live without carbs, and generally thinking of ourselves. As words like “metrosexual” silently permeate the Noughties vocabulary,  Tim highlights the facts about the growth in male grooming industry – talking to real blokes about fitness regimes and hair removal products. In Shaw’s quest for pectoral perfection, he even researches the possibility of a quick drug fix.

Channel 4 have struck gold with this show. There has been a clear gap in the presenter market which Tim Shaw fills perfectly – despite Gok Wan’s universal appeal, he will always be “Auntie” and Nicky Hambleton Jones makes the Wicked Witch of the West look like a purring kitten. We ladies want an insight into how men think about body image, from a real bloke. Arise Sir Tim, a glowing future awaits.

Sally McIlhone