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FIX MY FAT HEAD, Tues 5th May, BBC1, 10:35pm, Alert Me

On the surface Fix My Fat Head is the story of a woman trying to lose weight; but fifteen minutes into this very personal and intimately documented programme it becomes clear that, as with most issues related to body image, there’s more to Hannah Jones’ problem than a few scoops of ice cream too many.

Jones has been big her entire life. She has tried every fad diet on the market yet has never been able to permanently reduce her size.

She writes a column in a local Welsh paper about her quest to lose weight and has decided to dedicate the next six months to finding out what psychological treatment is available for obesity.

Now, it’s all well and good saying so but it only makes good TV if that’s what you intend to do.

After getting a glimpse into Jones’ eating habits a few questions are raised as to how much she is actually willing to help herself. She allows other people to do her cooking for her and doesn’t seem to want to control what goes into her diet. On screen she’s very funny and perhaps a little too quick to make light of the situation. As it were.

But as the show progresses it became clear that Jones was doing everything BUT deal with the underlying psychological issues which make her turn to food for comfort.

After attending numerous seminars with names such as Lighter Life and Life Shapers, and even a stint in hypnotherapy, Jones has a meeting with a therapist who treats obesity as an illness like anorexia and bulimia – and here it got interesting. It only took 41 of the 50 minute runtime before I felt that progress was being made. But by then it was too late.

Before you say anything, no, I don’t know what it’s like being fat, and I’m not denying that it must be hard for her. But six month is a long time to go without being able to shed more than a few pounds.

I came away feeling like I’d watched the first part of a two part documentary. If the show’s producers hadn’t spent so much time showing what she ate and what she wanted to achieve, then we could have been in for some informative viewing.

As it was I just came away feeling empty, which is more than can be said for our subject.

Jack McKay

andrene cox says:

I really realy enjoyed the above programe ‘fix my fat head’ i loved Hanna Jones i wanted her as a friend she was lovely she put the subject accross articulatly and with humor.

It was refreshing to see a program made about the emotional side of weight loss/gain rather than what to eat. I often wonder about myself i can cope and be strong in many other areas of my life so why cant i handle the weight issue and my search has been a bit like the search for the holy grail. When i find it i will let you know from my private boat in the carribian lol

I could relate 100$ with the issues disscussed and wanted more.
It is my intension to work in this field as iv just qualified as a person centred counsellor and being overweight myself this is very close to my heart.