Harold Bishop Leaves Neighbours – Nooooooo!

May 1, 2009 by  
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He was a man; a man with a gut. A man who enjoyed playing tuba for the Salvation Army. A man who will be forever bumbling along in our hearts, with this three chins wibble-wobbling as he weeps.

Yes, my friends, Harold Bishop is leaving Neighbours.

He has battled amnesia, a stroke, a plane crash that killed off half his family and the early careers of both Donovan and Minogue. Surely that’s more than enough to deal with in a lifetime (and I haven’t even got to the strangling of Paul Robinson and his recent bout of prostate cancer), so it’s understandable that after twenty seven years on Ramsey Street Ian Smith is leaving for good.

As the longest standing character on Neighbours, Harold will be sorely missed. I can only hope that he and Lou will ride off into the sunset, leathered up and on motorbikes. A granddad festish? Us?! Never….