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BOY MEETS GIRL, Friday 1st May, ITV1, 9.00PM Alert Me

What would you do if you woke up to find you didn’t know who you were?

Not only that, but you have to share a bed with a stranger, have a job and friends you can’t stand and don’t know how to change things back? Aside from being a hung-over Sunday morning realisation for many people, it’s also the premise to Boy Meets Girl, a body-swap comedy starring Martin Freeman and Rachael Stirling.

After a freak accident involving a massive electrical current, work-shy Mancunian conspiracy theorist, Danny, trades places with vacuous fashion columnist, Veronica.

Veronica’s body is rushed to hospital where, on awakening from a coma, Danny realises he’s trapped. Unfortunately, Danny’s body has gone walkabouts and Veronica can’t remember who she is. Trust me, it’s harder to write about than it is to watch.

The first episode focuses on Danny’s attempts to find his feet in this strange new female world where his habit of eating cereal in front of the TV and fretting over foreign coups doesn’t quite gel. Aside from having to fend off the amorous advances of Veronica’s nympho boyfriend – played brilliantly by Peterson Joseph – he also finds an endless source of fascination in his new breasts and stumbles upon the plastic rabbit hidden under Veronica’s bed…

In an effort to avoid wasting precious episode time, the writers have totally avoided going down the usual route of a character trying to convince others of what has befallen them. Danny, perhaps because of his criminal activity at the time of the accident, doesn’t go to the police and instead attempts to work things out alone. While this made the episode faster paced it did seem a little implausible. I, for one, wouldn’t be so quick to get to grips with a pair of high heels.

Although Boy Meets Girl is full of the obvious jokes about watching a woman who is really a man pretend to be a woman, Danny’s predisposition towards telling it like it is makes for very funny viewing, particularly when dealing with Veronica’s naff friends.

As he encounters his old friend in his new body Danny begins to see his old life anew and you get the feeling that there’s going to be a cheesy moment of self-awareness realisation somewhere down the line.

Anyone want a group hug?

Jack McKay