Iggy Pop – Not So Swift-covered

April 29, 2009 by  
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You can almost here the voices in Iggy Pop’s head as he careers around like a corpse on steroids in the latest Swiftcover advert: “Look at me,” they scream. “I can turkey walk better than Jagger!”

Yes Mr. Pop, you may have the vim and vigour of a man a third of your age (come on, admit it, he is impressively veiny at the ripe age of 62), but I put it to you sir that your recent ad campaign is a total shambles!

The Advertising Standards Agency has received a dozen complaints about the Swiftcover commercials, as the sneaky company don’t actually insure entertainers, no matter how much they lust for life (sorry, we had to shoehorn it in somewhere). The campaign was therefore deemed misleading and has now been cancelled accordingly.

Best calm yourself down Iggy, we know you’re a real wild child but in a few months you’ll be needing a hip replacement, so you’d best get yourself some new cover. A duet with the Churchill dog, perhaps?!