Jesse Metcalfe To Join Corrie Cast?

April 27, 2009 by  
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The American TV and Film industry must be struggling if the Yanks are defecting to the shores of Blighty.

Everyone’s favourite Desperate gardener Jesse Metcalfe has admitted that he’d move across the pond for a role in the UK.

No, he won’t be starring in a 90’s version of Ashes To Ashes. He’d move for as little as a role in Coronation Street. Apparently he wants the chance to play an some “interesting, complex characters”. So, by that do you mean a bigamist, a matricidal psychopath, or an alcoholic?

Seriously Jesse, don’t sink to the level of Keith Duffy, you’re better than that. You went out with Nadine Coyle, surely you should strive for a role on Holby City at the very least? Or with your Desperate Housewives experience, maybe Mistresses would be more appropriate…