Susan Boyle Invited Onto Oprah (Why, God, WHY?!)

April 17, 2009 by  
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And who said the reality tv bubble was set to burst?

Sure, we’ve all been subject to the law of diminshing returns (or reruns), but up crops Herman Munster/Muppet offspring Susan Boyle and suddenly there’s nothing hotter in watercooler gossip-gabble.

Following Susan’s ‘shocking’ debut on Britain’s Got Talent last week, she has since sung to millions on Good Morning America and is now set to appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Which means she is now officially more famous than Robbie Williams. Funny, sure, but we’re sorry – we just don’t get it.

Yippee – she can sing. And she’s ugly. A little surprising, sure, but why the hell is Queen of the Universe Oprah deciding to bless her with her (no doubt satanically sourced) seal of approval?

We understand fuglies aren’t the most well-represented minority in today’s image-conscious society, but it’s not a freakin’ disability. Doesn’t anyone else think this more than a little patronising?

Oh sweet merciful Zeus (Or Oprah – same thing in America). Is Susan Boyle our new Leona Lewis?

You know the ‘Bleeding Love’ video?

Now imagine the Boyle-meister recreating it.


What do you think? Are we completely off-base? Does she deserve a blossoming music AND movie career? Or has this reality thing just got too out of hand? Sound off below….

themiddle says:

It is interesting to note how those deriding Susan Boyle, are doing it for the same reason we all want to see someone attractvie singing for us. By going against public opiinion you are doing it for the same reason others are applauding her. The only way to really get a good read on how good she is, is to listen to her voice next to someone else without video. The point that she loses volume on some of the low notes and that her vibrato is exaggerated may be true, it may also be that the reverb processing was well done for her particular voice, but this is the case with most singers, they have their good and bad points. The appeal of Susan Boyle is due to her combination of appearance and singing. Isn’t that the same reason Beyonce is popular? The combination of looks and singing? But the cynics don’t see that in their responses. The thing I found most compelling about Susan’s singing was that there was emotional depth to it, and the audience seemed to respond to it as well. Susan fills a niche that is perfect for her. I’ll also mention that the media has waaaaay to much influence on people. Attractiveness is just one element of who people are. Let’s face it, there are more ugly people than attractive ones, and most of us still find someone who loves us for who we are. Susan fits the category of being down to earth and real, while still having a good set of pipes. It is a package deal that works for her. It’s no different for any other singer.

Kyle says:

mediocre talent. I agree with you. Could we get someone that is actually critical of her voice to judge her? I think the judges are so ashamed of the way they judged her before they sing that they are willing to kiss the corns on susan’s feet

Jeff says:

I agree with OTB 110%. Wow, I am so glad someone finally said it. Because, although I am sure that she is a very nice person, and a half-decent singer, she is just being exploited for her appearance. I am sure that if some really attractive girl sang badly and got through, everyone would be crying “SEXIST”; well this is the same thing, just in reverse. I really hate how the media can take control of a thing and blow it all out of proportion. I was watching her on You Tube and my son happened to walk by, having no idea who she was and said, and I quote, “Wow, he’s a really good singer, but he sounds like a girl” Out of the mouths of babes.

Tom says:

Well now, I for one agree with you OTB.

It’s downright patronising, undignified and insulting that the entire world has spazzed out at the fact that someone who looks slightly bizarre can actually be capable of great things.

Big woop.

eddacker says:

A real person with real talent – real sorry, OnTheBox, but you are real wrong. America loves her and ‘the British (not brutish) singer’ is all my mother in Arizona could talk about in our Friday conversation. I wish your manners were half as polished as Susan’s singing. And I am very happy to have her AND her talent representing the UK.

Boz says:

Why, God, WHY? Because… Susan > Robbie

Dave says:

You suck at being snarky. Quit writing blogs.

Alex says:

She’s great and talented and humble.
I love her and will buy her album.