Gok’s Fashion Fix Review: Cheap Not Chic

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GOK’S FASHION FIX, Friday 17th April, E4, 9.00PM Alert Me

Oh Gokkey how I love thee, let me count the ways!  Yet, even I will have to admit that, aside from re-vamping frumpy middle-aged mingers, your styling techniques are falling by the wayside. I have never been envious of the women under thirty on your show, because they all look desperately boring. Rock chick means standard, black skinny jeans, safari means cowboy hat – tell me something I didn’t know.

In short, there’s no individualism in a look that’s sourced solely from the High Street, it’s all just a bit… dull. At least on Twiggy’s Frock Swap we saw some quirky vintage classics accompanied by cute customising, as opposed to a few (and it pains me to say this)… tacky…  iron on studs.

This series sees the return of Brix Smith-Start (pronounced Bricks not “Bree” as one might associate with such an upper middle-class designer trollop) who goes head to head with Gok in a “high street versus high end” fashion show at the end of each episode. Except Gok’s DIY approach to fashion doesn’t stir the same emotions in me as a beautiful Temperly dress.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for credit crunch couture, but it has to look like you haven’t rummaged around for it in the bargain bin. I guess after my many years of Grazia-worship, the addition of hand-stitched diamante strips to an already puke-worthy bodycon dress, is not my definition of class. Even as she coos mindlessly at her pea-brained dog Pixie, I can see where Brix is coming from.

The Les Chiffoniers legging make me ooze with glee and my heart soars when I see the  Jean Paul Gaultier number with “insect on decaying fruit” detail.  Brix reads my envious mind – “this dress is poetic”, she says.  Amen sister.

Aside from the style showdown, we also witness the plight of Dawn: “Charlie Dimmock” wannabe by day, tart by night. Dawn’s fear of people has lead her to dress to attract the wrong kind of attention, but good old Auntie Gok calms her with the line “you don’t have to get your t*ts out to make friends”.

True, but if your friends are toothless, dirty old men, I bet it helps.

Gok helps Dawn to cleanse her wardrobe down to a manageable twenty-four piece “capsule, in order to combat the concern that “the average woman has £300 of unworn/unwanted clothes in their wardrobe”.

I understand that regular clothing clear-outs are good; charity shops always need stock, and throwing away clothing is far from eco-friendly. Yet, the hoarder in me is screaming – what about the lack of choice?!! I love the dressing up element of fashion – the idea that everyday you can create a new persona, a mysterious identity to reflect certain shades of your personality. How exactly am I meant to do this with only 24 items?

Overall, I feel GFF would benefit from a third clothes contender, a Vintage Vixen, if you will. Someone who knows her Rokit retro from her Battersea bootsale. Gok, my love, if you are reading this – I’m free!


Sally McIlhone