Susan Boyle To Win Britain’s Got Talent!

April 15, 2009 by  
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In a society where good looks and talent apparently come as a package, or not at all, Susan Boyle is silencing the non-believers. Despite being greeted by peals of laughter from a crowd of snubbing sceptics, Boyle blew them all away. Piers seemed to even muster a tear from his robotic shell of a soul; Simon suit  by sighing dreamily as though in love.  If you zoom in enough, you can almost pinpoint the moment where his pupils take the form of pound signs.

Our up-chuck reflex went into overdrive as soon as he called her “little tiger” though. Eugh.

Still, is Susan’s substance over style approach likely to win over the public? We do favour the underdog, but just how dog-like do they have to be? One thing’s for certain, Susan Boyle has more stage presence in her lady-tash than Amanda Holden has in her whole scrawny body. She is definitely getting our vote.

Click here to watch the clip in all it’s oddly heartwarming glory…..