Adele follows in Posh’s Ugly (Betty) Footsteps

April 15, 2009 by  
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Everyone’s favourite Cockney crooner will be “doing a Posh” this May. No, not starting her own line of super-expensive jeans/frocks/ rancid, stinking “haute couture” fragrances: Adele will be appearing on Ugly Betty and we at OTB are thrilled.

In episodes like Zero Worship, which tackle the increasing prevalence of the size zero model and it’s affect on young women, it is clear that Ugly Betty has always tried to stay abreast of the weight issue. After the ban on size zero at last year’s Milan and Madrid fashion weeks, and Katie Grand’s Love magazine championing women of all sizes, it is inspiring to see that the curvy Adele will join the likes of Beth Ditto as the next ravishingly rotund role model.

Boticellian babes unite!