Noddy: Looking Good For 60 With A Digital Makeover

April 14, 2009 by  
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Without so much as a liver spot or a walking stick in sight, children’s television favourite Noddy sure looks good for his age. That Big Ears must have a small black-market  plastic surgery business on the sly, there’s simply no other explanation for it.

Given Noddy’s youthful good looks, you’d think all the ladies of Toytown would be keen to lavish him with expensive gifts and get the man/boy to settle down already. But instead the sexagenarian is getting a comparitively rubbish present – the joy of being computer animated.

Ok, so Noddy has been jealous of all those Pixar characters waving their digitised pixels in his face, but he’s stood the test of time without giving in to this modern technology mumbo-jumbo. Why does he have to sell out now? Bumpy Dog can’t even look him in the eyes anymore.