Sold? Yes!Yes!Yes! Durex Encourage The Female Orgasm

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Finally! In a world where most men need a compass to find the female fun-button, Durex are shiny, happy, pleasure pioneers.

Witness Exhibit A above, the new ad campaign from Durex Play O “pleasure-enhancing” gel, which features a veritable smorgasbord of outstanding orgasms.

Trust  Channel 4 (the channel that glamourises sex, drugs and rock and roll in all its forms) to air the commercial before the 11pm condom watershed (for “water” insert your bodily fluid of choice) despite complaints that the advert was “offensive”.

If you ask me, anyone who is appalled by the image of a woman enjoying an orgasm is either incredibly repressed or just plain selfish. Get with it people, orgasms are amazing- they are the body’s natural way of encouraging us to reproduce. I mean come on, if us ladies have to deal with morning sickness followed by nine months of hormones, weight gain and internal wriggling and then the torture of childbirth, surely we deserve (multiple) orgasms beforehand to sweeten the deal, right? That seems only fair to me.

Durex should also use this “pleasure” pitch as a means of marketing its other products. Condom adverts are characterised by their hardline “safety” message accompanied by an increasing penchant for shock tactics. Perhaps if Durex took some advice from the ladies at The Pleasure Project they might be on to even more of a winner. After all, if people viewed condoms as a “pleasure enhancing” tool rather than a dastardly dick-numbing device, the UK might not have such a high teenage pregnancy rate.

Sally McIlhone

“dastardly dick-numbing device”
The truth hurts, man.