Steve Jones to host A Question of… Telly Addicts

April 7, 2009 by  
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In today’s episode of Deal or No Deal, look out for Noel Edmonds wriggling in his paisley patterned shirt as though someone is dancing on his future grave: the BBC is re-making Telly Addicts and Eager Edmonds hasn’t even been asked to present.


The image-conscious, ageist channel are instead replacing old Noel with a younger (and way hotter) model in the form of Welsh wonderhunk Steve Jones.

Employing the same winning formula as  a certain sports-related quiz show, Jones will host the programme thast features two teams battling it out for victory. One of the teams will even be fronted by OTB favourite, Momma Britton. Apparently BBC bosses saw the pair engaging in flirtatious banter backstage on Let’s Dance For Comic Relief.

Move over Schoffield, Fern is Jones’ girl now.