Sold?: American Airlines – Kevin Spacey performs the art of wistful sitting

March 27, 2009 by  
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Oh Kevin, how you ponder.  How you struggle to find the meaning of the “great seat?.  How it plays on your mind as you recline and shuffle and clench your buttocks looking longingly into the middle distance to a tinkley piano soundtrack.  But wait…at last! Your struggle is over.

So goes this latest advert from American Airlines.  Taking over from the New Yorker ego trip that was the campaign fronted by The Soprano’s James Gandolfini exalting New Yorkers as hard and fast types (=the best, obviously), they’ve opted for a more wistful tone for their latest offering.

Here, Kevin Spacey flits from New York to London’s The Old Vic battling librarians and getting his shoes shined until he’s satisfied that he’s found his long searched-for bum cradle.

As if we’d enquired, he explains, “you know I’m asked all the time by people back at The Old Vic, just which are the best seats in the house??  Hmm…all the time?  Are you?  Are you, really?

Still, the mild self importance is worth the watch if only for Kev’s ponderous facial expressions.

Susan Allen