The Lowdown: Things You Didn’t Know About Sir Alan Sugar

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You can’t get anything past Sir Alan; he will sniff out the faker (Katie Hopkins from Season 3), pull the ponce down a peg or two (as Raef Bjayou discovered all too well) and silence the big gob faster than you can say, “That’s not Hallal chicken you blithering idiot!?

These are the qualities that make him a TV hero, and the stuff of many an awkward older man fantasy (Someone say Sugar Daddy?). It is this infamous axe-grinding that has ensured Sir Alan’s business success. He has no time for halfwits and layabouts, he’s been a money-making machine since birth, so he ain’t going to suffer fools gladly, capiche?

With a CV that reads like a dream, since he set up Amstrad at the tender age of 21 the man clearly has Captain of Industry 4 Life tattooed on his left buttcheek. But what about the really juicy gossip? And is his beard that curly in real life? Only the Lowdown has the answer….

1. Sir Alan seems to have been born with entrepreneurial skill. As a schoolboy he boiled beetroots for the local greengrocer and sold self-cut rolls of camera film to his friends at school. By the time he was thirteen, he was earning more than his dad.

2. He is a potential candidate for the London mayoral race in 2012.

3. The 1993 Excalibur Scholarship Scheme was pioneered by Sir Alan. A project which allowed graduates from the old Eastern Bloc to study in Europe was the result of Sugar’s tireless efforts to unite twenty one UK companies in working together to raise £1m.

4. Sir Alan holds an honourary Doctorate of Science from both Brunel and City University.

5. Earlier this year an Al-Qaeda video featured Osama Bin Laden talking about Sir Alan as a possible terrorist target.

6. Sugar was the owner of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club for ten years between 1991 and 2001 and sacked manager Terry Venables the night before the FA Cup final, enraging Tottenham fans everywhere. Sugar later said “I felt as though I’d killed Bambi“, and called Spurs “a waste of my life.?

7. Rita Simons who plays blonde bombshell Roxy Mitchell in Eastenders is Sir Alan’s niece.

8. As a kid, Sir Alan was nicknamedMopsy? because of his curly hair.

9. Apparently Sugar is “funnier and more accessible? in the most recent series of The Apprentice to raise spirits during the doom and gloom of the recession.

10. Sir Alan is a qualified pilot with over thirty years experience and his own four-seater aircraft.

Sally McIlhone