Pick of The Week – Monday 24th March

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The Great Sperm Race
Channel 4, Mon 23rd March, 9.00pm Alert Me
The story of human conception as it’s never been told before, as helicopter-mounted cameras, world-renowned scientists, computer imagery and dramatic reconstruction bring to life the extraordinary journey of sperm – from ejaculation to egg – scaled up to human size and with the sperm played by real people.

Heston’s Roman Feast
Channel 4, Tue 24th March, 9.00pm Alert Me
Ancient Roman cuisine meant theatrical, devious and orgasmic food. The Romans had few boundaries and unusual appetites, eating everything from flamingos to parrot tongues and jellyfish. Heston creates a Roman feast for a group of celebrity diners including comedians Alexander Armstrong and Danny Wallace, actress Greta Scacchi, the Marquess of Bath, TV presenter Lisa Butcher and food critic Matthew Fort.

ITV1, Wed 25th March, 22.35pm Alert Me
Documentary looking at the life and legacy of Brian Clough, following his career from Derby to Leeds and Nottingham Forest, and examining the continuing interest in one of the most charismatic football managers of all time. With contributions from Clough’s family, friends and colleagues, including his wife Barbara, Martin O’Neill and Geoffrey Boycott. Austin Mitchell hosts.

The Apprentice
BBC1, Wed 25th March, 21.00pm Alert Me
Sir Alan Sugar sets gruelling tasks for business hopefuls. As the fresh-faced candidates enter the boardroom for the first time, Sir Alan leaves them under no illusions about how tough the next 12 weeks will be, and they are immediately given their first task: Make as much money as possible by starting up a cleaning company.

The Truth about Super Skinny Pregnancies
ITV1, Thurs 26th March, 21.00pm Alert Me
Expectant mother Louise Redknapp looks at the current fashion to stay thin during pregnancy and the pressure on women to get back into shape as soon as possible after childbirth. Are they jeopardising the birth of their baby and their own health? Louise explores the reasons why ordinary women take drastic measures to stay slim during pregnancy and lose the extra pounds afterwards.