Strictly Start Watching: Alesha’s On Board

March 23, 2009 by  
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In last year’s battle of the prime time TV heavyweights, The X Factor made mincemeat out of Strictly Come Dancing when everyone’s favourite Geordie appeared on the judges panel (by “everyone’s favourite Geordie? I mean, Cheryl Cole, not Gazza – although that might have made for more gripping car-crash TV).

Determined to shine in ’09, Strictly has a trick-ly up its sleeve in the feisty form of A with the L with the E-sha Dixon, who the BBC hopes will encourage younger viewers to follow the Dance-a-thon whilst Tess Daly is at home with her second child. My only concern is that Brucie’s puns will send Alesha’s trademark cackle from hushed and husky into full blown hyena, sending Forsyth’s ancient hair plugs into orbit and knocking Bruno Tonioli unconscious.