Heeeey Yoooou Guuuuys! JLC Prepares For The Greatest “Bring Back” EVER…

March 19, 2009 by  
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After fairly successful Bring Back’s of Dallas, Star Wars and Fame, Justin Lee Collins has decided that his next mission, should he choose to accept it, is to reunite the cast of Eighties cult classic, The Goonies.

Fear not Justin, Onthebox have decided lighten your load and do some preliminary research for you. After all, that beard doesn’t look magnificent on its own. No need to say thank you, although we will accept gifts that involve cake.

For the most part, the cast are still acting: Sean Astin (Mikey) is moonlighting as hobbit, Josh Brolin (Brand) has moved into politics and Jeff Cohen (Chunk) is a lawyer. I wonder if juries respond well to the Truffle Shuffle?

The love child of Inspector Gadget and Mini-me, Jonathon Ke Quan (Data), is now a stunt co-ordinator and the Fratelli’s shouldn’t be too hard to track down since they ditched their Mum, moved to Scotland and started a band.

Tragically, former American football player John Matuszak (Sloth) died in 1989 of supposedly steroid-induced heart-failure – will JLC be contacting him from beyond the grave? It wouldn’t be the first time our bearded Bristolian contacted the underworld; he previously used a séance to make contact with the late George Peppard in The A Team episode.

We’re still trying to dig up One Eyed Willy.