‘Oh DARL-ing’ – US to remake Ab Fab

March 17, 2009 by  
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What is America’s obsession with re-making classic British TV shows? First Coupling, then The Office and now Fox is re-making Absolutely Fabulous; the show that made uptight women everywhere unleash their bawdy inner booze-guzzler (my mum included). Featuring Kristen Johnson (Sally Solomon on 3rd Rock From The Sun) a gigantic woman with a voice so deep that she can speak whale. How will she ever do Joanna Lumley’s Patsy justice?

We don’t go around bastardising US shows so why do they feel the need to do it to us?

I think it’s time we played them at their own game. To destroy everything they thought was good and pure when they made it. A retro epic first: we can have the battle of the Brand’s, as Katy and Jo fight it out to play Roseanne. Then for a contemporary twist we can transport My Name is Earl from Camden County to Bristol for Justin Lee Collins (Can you imagine Alan Carr as Randy?!) Even though they’ve gone down in our estimations with their BBC3 show, I’d still love to see Horne and Corden reprise JD and Turk in Scrubs. Yeah, take that America, maybe you’ll think twice before you re-make Gavin and Stacey! What?! They plan to re-make that too?

Heavens to Betsy…