The Lowdown: Things You Didn’t Know About Paddy Considine

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When God created man, he provided no boundaries on the laws of facial hair. Some men are born hairier than a badgers bum, whereas others couldn’t muster a five o’clock shadow if their lives depended on it. Then there are the special few, whose faces seem to be destined to carve out the future of facial hair artistry. Paddy Considine does not have such a face, but he does look damn good with a moustache (and weird without one I might add).

Commonly appreciated as a northern bruiser with a passion for brutal drama, along with his buddy Shane Meadows; Considine is equally capable, though lesser known for his directing talent and aptitude for comedic roles. Indeed he is famous for one of my favourite lines in cinema, from Hot Fuzz – “If you want to be a big cop in a small town, why don’t you f*ck off up the model village!?

Speaking of models, Paddy’s actually a bit of a fan – I mean, the small, plastic, painted kind – not the waiflike fashionista’s who faint at the sight of a croissant. Want to find out more? Read on….

1.    Paddy’s initial foray into the performing arts was in a virtual comedy thrash group called Grunt.

2.    Considine met his long-time collaborator Shane Meadows on a drama course as teenagers. They bonded at the back of the college library, when they painted each other’s teeth black with a bottle of ink.

3.    The next project for Meadows and Considine is rumored to be King of the Gypsies: a film he co-wrote with Meadows about Bartley Gorman, a legendary bare-knuckle fighter. Considine became close to Gorman after using him as a subject in a photography project.

4.    A big fan of music, Considine directed the music video for “God Put A Smile Upon Your Face? by Coldplay and is appearing in a mockrockumentary “Le Donk? by Shane Meadows and featuring the Arctic Monkeys.

5.    Formerly in a band called She Talks to Angels, Considine performed under the name Bamm-Bamm. He currently plays in a group called Riding the Low.

6.    Considine’s directorial debut, Dog Altogether, was a hugely successful short  receiving the 2007 BAFTA award for Best Short Film and Best British Short at the 2007 British Independent Film Awards (BIFA).

7.    Ever the creative, Considine received a first class honours degree in Photography from the University of Brighton.

8.    Paddy was favoured for the role of Rorschach in Watchmen before the part went to Jackie Earle Haley. Good job too, Considine could never make his voice sound that croaky.

9.    Considine is a huge toy fan and still counts his Happy Days figurines among his most prized possessions. He has now passed on his vast Star Wars collection to his son.

10.    Paddy says that whilst most people can’t stand his more violent work, films like Mamma Mia make him instantly switch off. No surprises there then.

Sally McIlhone