Robbie’s loving daemons instead for Comic Relief

March 10, 2009 by  
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Look out for a dodgy looking, pig-tailed ex-TakeThatian out to entertain you this Friday in Little Britain’s sketch for this year’s Comic Relief.

After a rather long sojourn away from the public glare, Mr. Robbie Williams simply couldn’t help himself and will be returning to the spotlight once again to relieve and be comical by starring in the one off skit on…The Exorcist?!

Forget angels, Robbie’s a bit of a daemon-lover in this one. Accompanying Matt Lucas and David Walliams, he will be playing the role of Candy Marie-Candy aka the Devil girl in The Exorcist. A bit of a strange subject for the old charity fundraiser one might think but Mr. Williams does like to lean on the old boundaries of good taste while striking a flamboyant pose and who better to do it with than the Lil Brit guys?

He did however admit to The Sun that the whole thing gave him the willies somewhat,

“When I was rehearsing I wouldn’t say those words about the Devil in case they made Beelzebub walk into my soul and take me over. Seriously, there’s something about saying those lines that scared me. He’s a scary guy isn’t he, Satan??

Err…yeah…It’s not the first time that Robbie has felt compelled to adorn a dress for the Little Britain crew. For Comic Relief back in 2005 he played a Laydee alongside Walliams and Lucas. Something tells me, this time round it’s going to be a whole heap darker…

Check out whether the sketch is actually any good on Comic Relief’s Funny for Money this Friday at 7pm on BBC1.