Horne and Corden Review: Garish and Sweary – out of Wales and down the crapper

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horne-and-cordenHORNE AND CORDEN: NEW SERIES, BBC3, Tuesday 10th March, 10.30pm Alert me

Mat and James need to grow up. Instead of taking the opportunity to impress with their new BBC3 show, the poster boys for yoof comedy have approached this project with the careless speed and ferocity of a three-year-old hurtling itself at a tricycle.

Despite having Kathy Burke in the director’s chair, “Horne and Corden? was nothing more than the same three jokes trussed up in a variety of vacuous ways:

Joke 1: Hey everybody, look, James Corden is fat!
Joke 2: We can swear and everything.
Joke 3: Sometimes we even take our clothes off. Yeah…nakedness. Impressive huh?

Err well, no, actually. It’s just crude, self-indulgent rubbish.

We all know that James Corden looks like the human version of the Pillsbury doughboy – it’s been done. Move on fellas. In fact, little, if any of the material was original. The script was repetitive (I heard the phrase “it’s textbook stuff? at least three times) and heavily reliant upon the influence of better comedians (there is a whole scene on dick-drawing; a blatant “Superbad? rip-off, and Corden feebly impersonates Ricky Gervais).



I thought there might be a glimmer of hope, with the “Superman meets Spiderman in the changing rooms sketch?. Alas the painstakingly built up tension stops being funny as soon as Corden opens his gob. In fact, though billed as a comic duo, the show is very Corden-heavy (see what I did there?) At times Mat Horne could easily be mistaken for a prop.

Perhaps it’s the “BBC3 effect? but the whole show seems to be targeted at the 13-17 age bracket – the only people who still find habitual gay jokes funny. The title sequence is equally juvenile, with the pair pulverising a tower of tellies, a desire I felt the urge to replicate about three minutes into the show. I’m already livid with BBC3 for replacing Lily Allen with a skinny, bland moron. What are they trying to do – push me over the edge?!

A mega disappointment. And I was so looking forward to Lesbian Vampire Killers.

Sally McIlhone

And it doesn’t stop there. Scary in all the wrong ways, our review of Lesbian Vampire Killers pretty much solidifies Horne & Corden’s 2009 as one for the FAIL column.

Enraged Licence-Payer says:

An accurate review, if a little too forgiving. How dare the BBC beam this pi*spoor production into my house? What a mountain of sh*t, on stilts. The only folk laughing are the twunts at the BBC and this pair of talentless foreskins, laughing about all the money they’re getting from muggins here. Corden and whatsisname need to keep their demented, lard-fuelled, homo-erotic fantasies to themselves and stay the fu*k off my telly.

marc says:

It sickens me that the bbc wastes so much money producing utter drivel like this. Is it really that funny seeing an obese man getting naked in every sketch? Is it? Really? No, it isn’t. It’s absurd and cheap.

To the poster named Tim who said “Nice to see comedy again thats said f*ck off to all the PC army that seem to get involved in everything these days.” Could you explain that sentence in some detail please with relevant examples? It’s a “comedy” that essentially says f*ck off to humour – anybody with half a brain can see that. Unfortunately about 99% of programmes BBC3 churns out are aimed at children, or adults with low IQs. Hence 2 Pints Of Lager having series after series after series.

There really is better stuff out there and so many funnier people in the UK that could be making amusing and dignified comedy series’.

Andy Harland says:

It really annoyed me that they attempted to take the p*ss out of Ricky Gervais. Infact if I put my angry hat on I would say that it is a fucking disgrace. Corden should perhaps keep in mind that copying the mannerisms of a character (Brent) is not funny, and more importantly remind him that without Gervais and Merchant and ultimitely, The Office, Gavin and Stacey would not have been written and thus the BBC would not have offered him the chance to please 14 year olds a catchphrase comedy.

If I hadn’t of just sat through 20 minutes of complete and utter drivel, then I might of let it go, but when they produce utter nonsense, and try to (rather unsuccessfully) poke fun at Gervais it annoys me and seems to me like blatant jealousy.

And as for Cordens dig at Gervais ‘…Not a British Film’ (A dig that is totally unfounded and only believed by morons) – We all look forward to the Oscar worthy (I’m sure) Lesbian Vampire Killers. Yeah. you have proved him wrong there, representing British Film (which is brilliant) with the class and intelligence that it deserves.

Deary me.

Rod says:

Was looking forward to this but what a pile of rubbish.

bigjord says:

Absolutely rubbish do one!

Celene says:

Worst comedy in my life. No creativity whatsoever. Do they think they show will be funny if they do lots of swearing and make fun out of gays? I watched till the end just to watch how worst it could go.

amanda says:

This review is spot on!
I won’t be seeing “Lesbian Vampire Killers” now, thats for sure.

Alain Proviste says:

I think the show was brilliant I loved every second of it except the cock drawing lesson..it was very dull.James and Mat if you read this I just wanted to say keep up the good work!!!

Alice says:

Dreadful, dreadful, dreadful.Not funny.

Tunç says:

Agreed with Sally. The program was complete waste of time and licence payer’s money.

Tom Pattison says:

I have never really watched that program that these two untalented cretins have been in so i mwatched this show with an open mind. It was the worst program I have ever watched on tv, it was so full of smut and unfunny clips I cannot see how they are as famous as they are. It seemed as if we were watching a poor mans version of Little Britain, another show I can’t stand!!


Why are these two brilliantly talented guys (And their team) producing un-funny crap like this? What a waste of talent,BBC3 time…..and ours!

MUST try harder!

zigster says:

It was awful.

Pete Heat says:

Agreed. Twas rubbish, unless you’re a schoolboy or a moron.

Swineshead says:

Lily Allen, Horne, Corden – can we cull them all now, please?

Where’s all the talent gone?

Tim says:

God, lighten up. I really enjoyed this last night. Nice to see comedy again thats said f*ck off to all the PC army that seem to get involved in everything these days.

Martin says:

Shut up! I love Lily! “preening tower of smug” – bullsh*t

Christopher Faherty says:

To be fair, I would have given almost anything to get that preening tower of smug that is Lily Allen off the air. After this, it pains me to say, she is a much better alternative.