Sex and the City on Broadway

March 9, 2009 by  
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Chris Moyles can sigh a breath of litigation-alleviating relief over his decidedly hair-pulling comments to Nicola from Girls Aloud.

Because if Cynthia Nixon’s recent soundbytes are anything to go by, being the ugly ginger one in a group of hotties isn’t a guarantee for also being the ego-damaged, smaller-headed one.

Speaking to the New York Daily News, Nixon managed to extract her head from between her butt-cheeks long enough to rebuff rumours that the Sex and the City foursome would be bringing the show to Broadway.

“It would be really hard for people to even see just two of us together on a stage. That would be way too distracting!” she said.

Yes Cynthia, how could the world possibly cope with seeing a gaggle of such magnificently brilliant, beautiful starlets up close and personal?

I fainted when I saw Gary Busey that one time.

See two celebrities and it’s a proven fact my bowels shut down.

Four of you? My God, how would we possibly be be able to focus?