Pick of the Week – Monday 9th March

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Cutting Edge: Addicted to Surrogacy
Channel 4, Mon 9th March, 9:00pm Alert Me
Around 1,000 surrogate babies have been born in the UK over the past two decades, and in recent years, half of them have been born to serial surrogates: women who’ve been surrogates more than once. The truth behind what drives these women is far more complex than simply money or altruism. This film follows the extraordinary stories of four women who are addicted to giving babies away.

Heston’s Medieval Feast
Channel 4, Tues 10th March, 9:00pm Alert Me
In the Middle Ages, food was used as a source of entertainment and escape from the harsh realities of everyday life. Chefs dazzled and delighted privileged guests with incredible feats of dinner magic. In this episode, Heston creates a magical feast for celebrity diners including chef Andi Oliver, actor Bill Paterson, choreographer Craig Revel Horwood, Germaine Greer and actor John Thomson.

Horne & Corden
BBC Three, Tues 10th March, 10:30pm Alert Me
James is over-excited about the fact that he and Mat have their own show, with disastrous results. We meet Xander, the old boarding school chum from hell; see Tim Goodall, the gayest news reporter ever, marvel at Jonny Lee Miller’s magical rally against gum crime; watch James’s valiant attempts to win a world championship relay race; and see Ricky Gervais’s very special turn in the latest Karate Kid film.

Red Riding: 1980
Channel 4, Thurs 12th March, 9:00pm Alert Me
It’s 1980 and the `Ripper’ has tyrannised Yorkshire for six long years. Senior Manchester detective Peter Hunter is brought in by the Home Office to conduct a secret review of the Ripper investigation to date. Hunter’s been involved with West Yorkshire before; he failed to complete an investigation into a shooting involving Yorkshire coppers back in 1974. This time Hunter’s determined not to leave without getting results.

Unreported World: Congo – Forest of the Dead
Channel 4, Fri 13th March, 7:35pm Alert Me
The new series of the acclaimed foreign affairs series begins with a shocking report from the jungles of North East Congo, where the `Unreported World’ team uncovers evidence that the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), one of the world’s most brutal rebel groups, has begun a new campaign of terror; a campaign of terror designed to scare people into leaving their villages so the LRA can take over the territory.