The Lowdown: Things you didn’t know about Alan Moore

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If Alan Moore were a super-hero, you can’t help but feel that the tag-line ‘Your friendly neighbourhood Charles Manson lookalike’ would ever be far behind.

But look past the sunken eyes and reality-warping face foresty, and you’ll find one of our generation’s most eccentric and opinionated literary geniuses. Sure, he likes to tally up his high-brow prose with colourful doodles of costumed heroes and philosophising walking bits of swamp blob, but with the celluloid arrival of arguably his most influential work to date, it’s a good opportunity to take a look into into the eyes (not around the eyes, into the eyes) and see what makes him tick……

1. Alan Moore is known to use a number of pen names including Curt Vile, Jill de Ray and Translucia Baboon.

2. During his first year of marriage , Moore and his wife Phyllis also shared a lover called Deborah. Ultimately Phylis and Deborah both left him, taking their children with them.

3. Moore is a vegetarian, an anarchist and a practicing magician. He also worships a roman snake god called Glycon despite recognising it as a “complete hoax�

4. He was expelled from school for dealing LSD when he was 17. He has described himself as the “world’s most inept LSD dealer”.

5. He ran a comic strip called Maxwell the Moggie Cat. He has since gone on record to say he’d happily have continued had the Northants Post, for whom it was serialised not run a piece on “the place of homosexuals in societyâ€?. Simply put, the article bluntly stated that there wasn’t one and he quit in protest.

6. Alan Moore plans to write a grimore “a big book of magic and how to do it� aiming to make it a very visual experience because magic is “colourful�.

7. Moore generally avoids Hollywood as much as possible and keeps film a adaptions of his work at arm’s length. That said, he has written a screenplay based on Beauty and the Beast mixed with the life of Christian Dior called Fashion Beast.

8. In the 1980s Moore was in a band with Burham bassist David J called the sinister duelis, but they only released one single.

9. His daughter Leah Moore is following in his footsteps and has worked on a number of comics with her father and her husband, John Reppian.

10. Alan Moore’s earliest mainstream work came after he decided he was a poor artist, as he wrote a number of contributions for Doctor Who weekly.

Chris Harding