“Oh Fudge” BBC

March 3, 2009 by  
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The poor old BBC, as soon as they seem to get shot of Sachsgate, there is Carol Thatcher lurking around the corner reminding us of slang we thought was long forgotten and now scandal has reared it ugly head on Basil’s swap show.

Not exactly the first place you would expect scandal – it’s no 90s Blue Peter show – but one of the show’s presenters Barry Harman is alleged to have dropped the ‘F’ bomb right in front of the nation’s kiddies. The incident occurred while Harman, 29 was trying to help a girl during a contest during the live feed and couldn’t help letting the profanity leave his lips.

One dad, who tuned in to the show on Saturday morning, said, “I did a double take when I heard him. It’s shocking that a kids’ presenter should say that live on telly.”

Sure the show centres around a precocious puppet fox, whose last co-presenter was seen doing an advert for fast food chain Burger King but there is no need to swear….think of the children.

The BBC firmly deny any wrongdoing but just maybe if he’s lucky Harman has bought himself a cushy 12 week holiday away from the screen or if he is truly blessed, a future as a presenter of a Capital Radio.