University Challenge is a FRAUD. FRAUD I SAY!

March 2, 2009 by  
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In a decidedly unintelligent move, it appears that part of Cambridge Corpis Christi College’s University Challenge team (that of thinking mans sex-boffin Gail Trimble) was a ringer, and had a full time job during part of the filming of the show.

Manchester University are thought to have demanded the probe themselves after discovering that Sam Kay – a member of the team – had already left university for a job as an accountant when the final was filmed and taped in November. You don’t have to be a genius to realise that meant he wasn’t technically a student and therefore not really eligible for the show.

To his credit, we’d probably lie about being an accountant too.

It’s the first time in the series’ 40 year history that the show has been subjected to ‘ringer’ allegations. Kay was quoted by the Mail on Sunday as maintaining his innocence and confirmed that he was definitely 100% a student for at least the application process and the first two rounds of filming.

Bet you he’s still trying to blag cheap cinema tickets too.

Martin says:

God, I know what you mean – I’d say more caveman than middle ages. Just take a look at this predictable tits and arse placement

Me is man. Me like sport. Me like boobs.

Matt Jondson says:

What exactly makes Gail Trimble a “sex-boffin”?

Oh that’s right, she’s female, so any mention of her must be started by making reference to her particular level of sexual appeal. It’s pretty appalling that half the media industry still seems to be wired as if they lived in the middle ages.