Revenge of the Bin Men Review

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binmenCUTTING EDGE – REVENGE OF THE BIN MEN: Channel 4, Monday 2nd March, 9:00pm Alert me

There is a war going on between Bin Men and certain members of the public
which is set to explode on our screens on Channel 4 at 9pm. So serious is it that I almost expected to see half naked men led by Gerald Butler screaming “this is Sparta� armed to the teeth charging at rubbish trucks.

The aforementioned war is essentially about recycling. Dumps are dying out having been used to death and there is really only four years left ‘til all the dumps are filled if we continue at our usual rate so the most obvious solution is to recycle.

The show opens with a mask-less vigilante surveying his city, looking on in disgust at the mess it has been left in. Littering has a new arch enemy to fear.

The show takes a balanced stance focusing both on the bin man and the towns folk . At times it depict members of the public having an almost xenophobic dislike for bin-men with comments such as “these people are our servants� being thrown around. But it is hard to have sympathy for the bin men who say “There is no word in Polish for recycle.�

The documentary also shows the softer side of Bin men, When speaking of the job one is quoted as saying that “you build up a second skinâ€?( I could suggest a great cream for that) and then continues to misquote Aristotle “what is it that Aristotle says …you are what you do constantlyâ€?. This Bin Man goes on to make a further boob of himself when he admits that he doesn’t actually recycle …although he tried for a week.â€?

What is perhaps most amusing about this tongue and cheek look at the lives of bin men is the extremities that it depicts people being driven to from the middle aged man who attempts to rally the community against the council comparing his problems with recycling to an Orwellian nightmare to the man who ruins his teaching career by getting a criminal record for dumping his rubbish in council owned property. Later when talking to his wife he tries to workout if his actions will be viewed as “wild or eccentric�- I would go with plain old stupid.

The truly hilarious must-watch scene featuring a child crying after being called “ dustbin girl� and her father trying to explain that his job is actually more recycling-based rather than actual rubbish collection is a lot funnier that it sounds and not just me getting kicks from seeing a child cry.

This is must-giggle TV; a focus on the struggle for power between the bin men who want to get home to their families and the pedantic members of the community who ain’t having none of it.

Kwabena Oppong