Pick of the Week – Monday 2nd March

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Cutting Edge: Revenge of the Bin Men
Channel 4, Mon 2nd March, 9:00pm Alert Me

It used to be so simple: you put out your rubbish and the bin men took it away. Not any more. Bin Wars are raging up and down the country. At middle class dinner parties the length and breadth of Britain, the conversation often turns to what the bin men will, and won’t, take away. War has broken out between the people who are putting out too much rubbish and the councils whose job it is to dispose of it all.

Heston’s Victorian Feast
Channel 4, Tues 3rd March, 9:00pm Alert Me

The Victorian age was filled to the brim with invention, madness and imagination, and food was often grandiose, naughty and surreal. Heston Blumenthal takes his inspiration from `Alice in Wonderland’, the quintessential Victorian novel, to create his ultimate version of the Mad Hatter’s tea party for celebrity diners including Rageh Omaar, Gemma Redgrave, Dawn Porter, Toby Young and Richard Bacon.

Red Riding
Channel 4, Thurs 5th March, 9:00pm Alert Me

Set in 1974 Yorkshire, rookie journalist Eddie Dunford is determined to search for the truth in an increasingly complex maze of lies and deceit that characterises the police investigation into a series of child abductions. When Clare Kemplay goes missing, Eddie and his colleague Barry persuade their editor Bill Hadley to let them investigate links with two similar abductions in the last decade.

Rocket Science
BBC 1, Fri 6th March, 9:00pm Alert Me

Mr Smith sets out to teach the chemistry of fireworks’ luscious colours, but has to battle short attention spans, filthy weather, and the fact that most chemicals in the storeroom were bought during the Thatcher Years.

Soldier Girls
Channel 4, Fri 6th March, 7:35pm Alert Me

Holly is 21 and in her last term at Sandhurst. Educated at public school, Holly is a self-confessed `military virgin’ who thinks blowing things up “sounds cool”. Twenty-three-year-old Sarah is a veteran of the war in Iraq. Unlike Holly she is from a working-class background and admits she gets `the Mickey’ out of her at Sandhurst because of her northern accent.