Sold?: Sky+HD’s moment-y momentous new advert

February 24, 2009 by  
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Those crafty fellas behind the new Sky+HD campaign…they’ve only gone and harnessed the power of what sounds like Bill Nighy’s gravelly voice (is that him?), played it over an urgently grand soundtrack (akin to that musical interlude that Coldplay put in the middle of all their tracks to denote how significant everything is) and created an epiphany of an ad.

Like the victim of one of Derren Brown’s flawlessly executed mind tricks, each time I see the new Sky “moments? ad and hear the pure majesty of the Nigh-ster’s knowing pauses, the beguiling harmony to his breathy final syllables, I find myself unbelievably mesmerised. Staring gob-open at the enormously detailed pictures of animals, politicians and movie stars with foregrounds and backgrounds that move in different directions, it feels like home. Life seems important, HD a must-live philosophy and some time in the not-so-distant future, I know I’ll find myself ordering the thing.

What mildly confuses me is how they get away with getting you so excited about a product whose benefits you can’t actually see on the screen. Clearly as a potential customer, I don’t have HD thus I am watching what’s called ‘fragments’ animation technique, not actually HD so how can I really know what this HD thing looks like?? Maybe, it’s like scientology, you don’t know the true benefit until you’re in.

Perhaps Sky+HD will change your life because it does have all the moment-y, momentous answers. Anyhow, anything’s got to be better than listening to the sentimental ear violation that was the ‘True Colours’ ads.

Susan Allen

OntheBox says:

Ooops, my bad. Just listened again and think you might be right. Thanks for pointing that out!

Billy Wright says:

Yes, that’s because it is Pete Postlethwaites voice. Your quite correct Simon.

Simon says:

Voiceover sounds more like Pete Postlethwaite.