The Lowdown: Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Michael McIntyre

February 19, 2009 by  
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With an upcoming TV show, the onset of his biggest live tour and a scene-stealing performance at Prince Charles’ 60th, it’s safe to say that Michael McIntyre has officially stolen the nation’s hearts as the posh-boy comedian of choice.

His on-stage antics may have you rolling in the aisles, but as with all great comics, it seems he draws the majority of his inspiration from his brilliantly bizarre upbringing. Join us as explore the depths of McIntyre’s psyche – with remote control beer wagons and many other wondrous factoids……

1. Michael went to the same school as Boris Karloff (Hammer Horror star and the definitive Hollywood Frankenstein)

2. His father, Ray Cameron acted as a producer for Kenny Everett’s many shows. McIntyre has said that he wishes he’d seen his real dad more, as opposed to father figure Everett.

3. His mother Kati was a 19 year old dancer when she met 30 year old writer Ray. Apparently she’d go partying with Everett when Cameron was working, and would tell the press she was called Melody Bubbles (explains a lot about the way he turned out).

4. McIntyre has claimed that his childhood home was bought by “someone who eats bats” when his parents divorced – Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne (who also likes to munch on botox) moved in!

5. McIntyre briefly attended Edinburgh University, but dropped out after a year. Far be it from us to judge, but we’re guessing he made the right move. The bright spark can’t even remember what subject he did!

6. He moves around a lot on stage despite having suffered an injury playing hockey at school which resulted in broken knee cartilage.

7. He’s said that when he was a kid at private school, he was like a “mini yuppie” with “proper briefcases, filofaxes and gold pens.”

8. In his university days, he sellotaped all of life’s essentials – such as beer and ashtrays – to remote control cars to avoid unnecessary exertion. Absolute genius.

9. McIntyre has a habit of calling everyone “Captain”. Which makes you feel just a little bit important until you realise he’s saying it to just about everyone under the sun.

10. McIntyre once sold his jokes at a charity auction for £600. We’re thinking his DVD sales probably cover the loss.