Eastenders’ Nina Toussaint-White gets in an online pickle

February 17, 2009 by  
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A new arrival on Albert Square has got herself embroiled in a little simmering controversy because of her myspace page. The actress, Nina Toussaint-White, hasn’t logged in for over a year, but on the site she labels herself “Nina the Nutter” and lists her interests as “acting, keeping fit, eating and most importantly getting w**kered”…at least she’s got her priorities right. She also admitted that she swore too much (shock horror) and that her favourite drink is a vodka and apple juice, neither of which are really newsworthy.

Less wholesome still, though, is her admission of having smoked a few spliffs and beating someone up – fully deserving of her title as Nina the Nutter, I think. The actress’s agent told The Mirror: “[Nina] has not used this internet site for over a year.”

They added: “[She] was immature and naive when she created her profile and she has grown up a lot since she last used the site and is focused on making a success of her career.”

An EastEnders spokeswoman said: “This is a private matter for Nina.”
Right…which is why she smeared it all over the internet like some sort of dirty protest.