Sold?: Durex makes condom animals adorable

February 13, 2009 by  
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After seeing these three rubbery creatures rut earnestly in various positions for this new advert by Durex, who could ever look at condoms in quite the same way again?

The guys behind it deserve a big well done for this little treat. They’ve actually succeeded in making a condom ad that doesn’t leave you feeling totally unsexy / slightly grubby afterwards. Ok, so this isn’t exactly the hottest thing in the world but, oh my, it’s adorable.

Just think of the post-coital chats across the globe that will benefit from this piece of condom porn. Whether you’re a longstanding couple who’ve slipped into that 2-step peck-on-the-cheek-and-roll-over thing or you’re waking up in a stranger’s bed keen to work out how long this particular offer is valid until, imagine the beautiful communication that an ad about cute little humping condom animals could promote:

“So, which one’s your favourite then?…Look, if you just tie this bit and twist this…see what you can make!…Oooh!…I know… Shall we have a contest??

Taking the animal route was a nice Attenborough-esque distraction, I have to say, from what may have been too close for comfort had they been human figures and not half as endearing (what is it that causes animals sh*gging to be particularly funny?…). These dogs/sheep/goats (?) give condoms such an adorable alter-ego you could totally watch this with your granny in the room and laugh along affectionately.

Susan Allen

PS. AND…there are out takes…