Richard and Judy facing the axe

February 12, 2009 by  
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news_tv_web2What is going on at the moment?

Like zits, bad hair days and constipation, we thought that the recession was one of those things that was unable to touch the magical world of television and its seemingly immaculate inhabitants forthwith.

As if the Blue Peter news didn’t have us frantically stockpiling toilet rolls as it is, reports are suggesting that you’re just as likely to see Richard and Judy handed their P45s.

The UK’s representative ’embarrassing dad and exasperated mum’ moved to new digital channel Watch back in October in a bid to retain more creative control and be freer to explore more humorous, mature content. While figures opened at 100,000 when they first joined the channel, recent viewing numbers have fallen as low as 8,000.

A ‘show source’ (read: bored journalist) told The Sun: “Every day, we think an announcement will be made, saying ‘That’s All’. It looks unlikely the show will come back.”

While we’d be a little two-faced to admit we loved the new show, it would still be a crime to see them disappear from our screens forever. How about a Richard & Judy/Paul O’Grady/Alan Titchmarsh screened fight off, to decide who rules the daytime television once and for all?

Now that is something that would draw in the viewers.