Madonna snogs Jesus for W Magazine: sound blasphemous to anyone?!…

February 10, 2009 by  
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news_tv_web2Nevermind that aging songstress Madonna has spent the last few days on a photo shoot giving her flesh another airing whilst cavorting with some fresh young Brazilian stallion. Does it not tickle anyone else that someone with a name meaning mother of God has just finished snogging the face off some model bloke called Jesus?

The steamy pictures, published this morning on the Daily Mail website displaying 50 year old Madonna lying on top of/chewing the lips off/staring at the naked young body of 22 year old Jesus Luz are taken from the March edition of the American fashion magazine, W.

Photographer Steven Klein must have enjoyed giving his cheek the odd tongue-prod in between directing these semi-clad limbs when he set up this little scenario- “…now remember, think oedipus…” This isn’t just Madge sticking two fingers up at the Ritchie fan club, it’s a big F-you Like a Prayer cocktail of blasphemy all over again…only this time, when you think about their names, with a weird little dash of incest.

Adorned in a necklace with a spangly cross and a black and white nun evocation of a dress, all she needs to complete the look is a head piece and to get dear Jesus lying in her arms in some kind of Pieta-esque/sexual embrace.

While I enjoyed a good snigger over this methinks Madge might offend a few with this one…but of course that’s not her intention at all.

Timothy Bean says:

Jesus is a really common name in Spain and latin american countries. so thanks for your ignorance but this post is a bit over the top!