The Prodigy release new single ‘Omen’- what does this mean??

February 9, 2009 by  
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Dust off your glow-stick, rinse out your fur boots and stick in your nose stud.

They’re baaaaaaaack.

After almost 5 years in chart wilderness, The Prodigy are returning with their fifth studio album of eclectic rock/beats/synths mash-ups. Entitled Invaders Must Die, it’s a welcome return to the messy yet oddly melodic headbangers from their now eponymous 1997 album The Fat of the Land. Which is appropriate considering this is the first time all three founder members have managed to pick up their dummies, kiss and make up and record together since.

I tell ye. They’re as bad as Fleetwood Mac, really.

If the recent response to Pendulum‘s remix of Voodoo Child is anything to go by (and the beer flinging, spazz dancing reception we were subjected to at a recent gig), then there are still legions of fans awaiting this new material off their new label. It’s appropriate then that this video for their new track, Omen, focuses on the adrenalised energy, mental dance-offs and contagious head-banging that pumps out of their live performances.

This being The Prodigy though, they do like to do things at least a little on the warped side. There’s none of their usual drug-taking video lesbians here. Just a creepy little girl wandering through the moshpit and plinkaly plonkaling along on her xylophone.

It’s like the Cadbury’s advert. Yet somehow less scary.

Omen is released a week today on 16th February, while the album, Invaders Must Die, is released on 23rd February.