Pick of the Week – Monday 9th February

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too-old-to-workDispatches: Too Old to Work
Ch4, Monday 9th February, 8:00pm Alert me

Dispatches meets people forced to retire, who break down into tears as they describe the damaging financial and psychological repercussions of being out of work. Their experiences echo the results of the specially-commissioned You Gov survey into the impact of forced retirement.

mad-menMad Men
BBC4, Tuesday 10th February, 10:00pm, Alert me

On Valentine’s Day, the staff of the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency is hustling and checking out the latest thing in office equipment. Don and Duck clash over an account, while Betty runs into an old friend.

the-worlds-biggest-family-and-meThe World’s Biggest Family and Me
Ch4, Wednesday 11th February, 10:00pm, Alert me

Broadcaster Mark Dolan comes face to face with human extremes once more, as he goes in search of some of the world’s most incredible individuals, but finding these people is just the start of his mission. His real journey in this series is to discover how and why some people can become extraordinary, even if they’re not always born that way to begin with.

cutting-edgeCutting Edge – A Very British Storm Junkie

Ch4, Thursday 12th February, Alert me

By day, Stuart Robinson is an unassuming IT consultant, but in his spare time he is a fanatical storm chaser, who travels across the globe to witness the awesome power of nature first hand. Based in Leicestershire with long-suffering fiance Alison, Stuart’s interest in storms was sparked by the 90s Hollywood blockbuster `Twister’. He saw his first tornado in 1998.

free-agentsFree Agents
NEW SERIES: Ch4, Friday 13th February, Alert me

Sitcom about an on, but mostly off, romance between two people who might just have a positive future together if they can shake off their pasts. In the first episode, it is the morning after the night before, and Alex and Helen must cope with the aftermath of their drunken one-night stand back at work at the glamorous talent agency CMA.