Carol Thatcher’s agent defends ‘gollywog’ comments

February 5, 2009 by  
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As if Carol Thatcher wasn’t digging a big enough hole on her own, it seems her agent has decided to wade into the tabloid mire with the verbal equivalent of a pneumatic drill and dumper truck.

The 55-year-old’s agent, Ali Gunn, has publically defended Thatcher’s labelling of a tennis player as a ‘gollywog’, prolonging the media furore and only serving to exasperate the situation.

The BBC recently ended a contract that saw Carol appear on ‘The One Show’ as a roving reporter, after she made an off-air comment about a tennis player in a hospitality green room.

While it seemed Carol had overcome the ‘out of touch posho’ stigma associated with the Thatcher name after successfully winning 2005’s ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’, she slid straight back into type when she was overheard likening French-Congolese star Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to a golliwog.

Gunn’s disgruntlement has apparently arisen due to her theory that there is a “vendetta” against Thatcher, and the BBC should apologise for “condoning” the leaking of a private comment.

Now, we’ve never had an agent of our own, but aren’t they supposed to…. you know…. look out for your best interests and all?

a . m fitzgerald says:

Hello ;

I would like to say in my apinion. Carol thatcher is right in wat she thinks. she should be in controll of her own mind; and not be told wat she can think and say . im suore the bbc ar yousing this inisdent remark as an excuse to get her out. becouse of the way in wich she is being badley treetid i will have a gollywog doll in my car and on my key ring untill she is reinstated. three chears for caril ; hip- hip- hip- haray….