The World’s Most Enhanced Woman and Me Review: 5 litre boobs? Seriously?

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THE WORLD’S MOST ENHANCED WOMAN AND ME, Channel 4, Wednesday 4th February 10.00pm Alert Me

Mark Dolan may have Balls of Steel, but these women have boobs of…saline. Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?

In his The World’s…and Me series, Dolan has met some pretty weird people, most of them born tall, small or hairy, but this episode features people who have made themselves into freaks. The women Dolan meets have all, at some point, been the record holder for the biggest boobs in the world. The first is a previous record holder, who had to have her breast implants replaced and reduced because her “brain was swelling”. The second is a contender for the OTB Most Depressing Porn Star award, and current holder of the record, and the third is in the process of becoming (in a total on-camera gross-out moment) the new biggest boobed girl.

What’s frustrating about The World’s Most Enhanced Women and Me is the superficiality and laziness of the reporting. Dolan’s obviously done a bit of research, Googling up the out-of-commission star Maxi Mounds and tracking down big boob afficionados, but he says nothing we couldn’t have found out on Wikipedia. With the first woman, in particular, we are given little insight into her motivation for ballooning her bosom. The second, Minka, we get a little more of a feel for what drives her to go ever-bigger and Dolan does make a fair point that behind her decisions, and presumably most super-enhanced women’s choices, there is an overwhelmingly male influence. It is the lust and desires of those of us with a Y chromosome (and willingness to pay to see them realised) that drives women to this peculiar form of self-mutilation.

It is literally only in the last six and a half minutes that this becomes a show worth watching, as Dolan follows and interviews buxom Brazilian superstar Sheyla Hershey. The section I’m talking about comes after she has had her 18th breast augmentation to inflate her breasts to a staggering KKK, the biggest ever. There is a revealing, emotional and desperate moment when she is at her most vulnerable as she recovers from her operations by having publicity photos taken and she repeats the words “I’m happy” ad nauseum. Though Dolan is no journalist, he captures a really moving moment as all the plastic and makeup is stripped away and all we can see is the girl who fell in love with an Englishman who loved big boobs.

So, the OTB verdict? Tune in at 22.55 and you’ll be left moved. Tune in at 22.00 and you’ll be left bored and vaguely frightened.

By Chris Harding

MRP says:

I saw the programme. The women were grotesque freaks, not even remotely attractive. Clearly boob size and brain capacity are inversely proportional.

If you ask me, the big tits are the men who like sich women.

Bigmeup says:

John used the word `love`, not `sex`. Sure, we men can equate big boobs (or small boobs, or a tight arse, or a flabby arse, or whatever else takes the particular fancy) but `love` is a different proposition. Contrary to what you sexist women might like to think, men do not fall in love with a physical attribute – we just fancy it like mad and have to lie about being in love so that we can, as they say, `get some`.

Sarah says:

Oh whatever. Like you’d really argue if some plastic blonde came onto you in a bar? At least the men in this documentary are honest.

John Cunningham says:

I don’t get why some women equate a triple R bra size with love. There’s nothing unsexier than someone so fake and plastic.