Sold?: Cadburys- A return to wacky form

January 29, 2009 by  
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To the delight of lovers of oddball ads everywhere, Cadbury has at last returned to its motherland of Quirk. Fresh from a short trip away experimenting with some trucks in an airport that turned out to be disappointing duds, the purple people clearly felt it was high time to go home to their purer ways of madcap, music-loving gorillas and Phil Collins music. Their new revelation is a return to form.

So here’s the gist, two kids sit in a photographer’s studio ready to have their picture taken when the photographer goes off to answer a phone call. The boy does something with his watch and boom- eyebrow madness.

Suddenly these two kids become possessed by some sort of face daemon and lose control of the fluff above their eyes, which starts raving to Freestyle’s ‘Don’t Stop the Rock’. I don’t know about ‘A glass and a half full of joy’- they don’t seem to be all that joyous to me. They’re not even smiling for pity’s sake. More like high on e-numbers.

Some good wacky stuff here though on par with a drum-playing gorilla. Oh, but I hear that Cadbury has taken it upon itself to rename February “Febrowary? in an attempt to infiltrate our minds with images of children with convulsing faces. A step too far?…