License Fee Justified? Nah.

January 29, 2009 by  
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Are we at OTB the only ones slightly loving the recession?

Sure, we can’t afford to go out at the moment and we’re having to resort to using the Daily Star as toilet paper (in itself, oddly satisfying) but it gives us the warm and fuzzies to see overpaid, overblown celeb’s being brought to their knees.

The Sun has reported that the BBC has told some of its biggest stars that they will have to take pay cuts from around  25% as a result of the worsening economic tsunami (when did it evolve from a storm, by the way? what’s next? financial cthulhu?)

This would mean that Jonathan Ross’s ridonkulous three-year £18million contract could be cut by £1.5million a year, Graham Norton’s two-year £5million two-year deal would drop by around £1.25million and Chris Moyles will have to make do (and no doubt moan about) a cut of over £150,000.

Ok, so considering their current wages, it’s less a case of ‘brought to their knees’ and more ‘slightly stooping to their shoulders’, but still. Small mercies, eh?

Dan says:

I personally welcome pay packets reduced because really the wages they get at present are not really justfied at present because the tv corporations cannot afford the wages and two really the presenters don’t really do much to deserve such big pay packets really on wage I think 5 million a year which is an over the top I welcome this total review on wages at present I don’t personally think we as payers towards tv should pay such huge wages anyway I can think of tv presenter who had messed big time and their cumupence and still payed over the top salary still. I also think that certain tv personality’s let their quality and their high talents go under the carpet when have such money which is a dam shame.