Pick of the Week: Monday 26th January

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William and Harry: What Really Happened
Ch4, Monday 26th January, 10:00pm Alert me

Jacques Peretti investigates the truth behind the headlines triggered by Princes William and Harry. At the funeral of Princess Diana, her brother Earl Spencer gave a speech in which threw down the gauntlet to the Royal family. The battle was to be over who the princes would become – would they be traditional like the House of Windsor, or would they be more like their mother? At stake was the future of the monarchy.

Gok Wan: Too Fat Too Young
Ch4, Tuesday 27th January, 9:00pm Alert me

Gok Wan explores the rapidly growing problem of teenage obesity in the UK. On a candid and personal journey, he also addresses his personal teenage issues around food, and hears from leading experts about recent breakthroughs in tackling this national epidemic. Gok talks to young people and addresses the frightening extent to which they have been affected by food addiction.

A Short Stay In Switzerland
BBC1,Tuesday 27th January, 02:25am (Repeat) Alert me

In January 2006, Dr Anne Turner took her life in a Zurich clinic, surrounded by her children. Her suicide made headline news in the papers and television. Starring Julie Walters, this film is inspired by Anne Turner’s journey; not an easy one, but an incredibly human one.

The World’s Cleverest Child And Me
Ch4, Wednesday 28th January, 10:00pm Alert me

Broadcaster Mark Dolan comes face to face with human extremes once more as he goes in search of some of the world’s most incredible individuals. Finding these people is just the start of his mission. His real journey is to discover how and why some people can become extraordinary, even if they’re not always born that way to begin with. In this episode Mark immerses himself in the lives of child geniuses.

Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend
ITV2, Thursday 29th January, 9:00pm Alert me

Socialite Paris Hilton crosses to this side of the pond in search of a British best friend to party with her when she is in the UK. She will put hopefuls from across the land through their paces to test their ambition and drive. The wannabes will need energy, style and determination. Who will be Paris’s new best friend?