Jonathan Ross sparks yet more tabloid fury

January 26, 2009 by  
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It seems that the News of the World have got Jonathan Ross’s scent now, and they’re not letting it go. The tabloid paper obviously listened to Ross’s Saturday morning Radio 2 show with a level of attention bordering on the obsessive and picked up on a slight nod in the direction on sexual innuendo.

At one point, the massively popular presenter is in conversation with co-presenter Andy Davies and tells Davies he should give an 80-year old Spanish woman “one last night before the grave”. Now, one can only assume that the News of the World took this as some sort of personal slight, as they tracked down the woman in question and spoke to her son who in turn had a bit of a rant about her mum being “an old person who can’t defend herself” and that “this man needs to go for what he said”.

However, the tabloid’s own readers don’t seem to completely share its moral outrage, with the majority of comments on the website telling the paper to “get over it” and to stop harping on about “outrage”. It looks like the whole Ross affair isn’t going to peter out…