Sold?: T-Mobile conquers the miserable beast of Liverpool Street

January 22, 2009 by  
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Picture the scene- it’s Thursday mid-morning at Liverpool Street Station, delays roll unapologetically onto the departure boards as a perturbed crowd gathers- it doesn’t exactly fill you with a sense of liberation and fun, does it?

Rather a bothered swarm of suits, some a little drowsy and sipping coffee, others determinedly zigzagging through the station on their mobiles as they file out of a train and towards the dreaded sardine can that is the tube system.  But wait…the new advert from T-Mobile sees a different way…

Filmed last week at the bustling and downright cheerless London station, a cast of 350 dancers disguised as regular workers on their way to the office startled commuters, suddenly breaking into dance.  Shaking their booties to a medley of well known tunes, the whole station understandably stood still to witness the choreographed performance and wonder what the bloody hell was going on!

A miracle you ask? A command from a voice above to join together in the beauty of boogie?  Well not quite.  This is actually a welcome burst of spontaneity from the guys at T-Mobile organising a flash mob that cheers everyone up and reminds us that ‘Life’s for Sharing’, not shoving a granny to get the last seat on the tube.

By Susan Allen