The Revelation of the Stigs

January 21, 2009 by  
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Yesterday professional racing driver Ben Collins was revealed as the Stig after apparently outing himself at a gallery in Bristol whilst attempting to acquire some signed poster prints. The speculation has been flying recently that Collins was the man underneath the iconic white helmet, after a builder at his home found the Stig’s racing suit and helmet on display in a cabinet, and it seems that he has now come out for definite. Collins’ decision is unlikely to be without consequence – the last Stig to reveal himself to the public was fired and “killed off” at the beginning of the next season. The original black Stig was another racing driver called Perry McCarthy who revealed his secret identity in his autobiography and who had his character driven off the HMS Invincible in response.

However, a “source” from within the BBC has bitten back at Ben Collins’ revelation and reignited much of the mystery surrounding the Stig’s identity. Questions have been raised in the past due to other drivers being photographed in the famous Stig outfit, minus helmet, including one who apparently went by the name “Will”. The source clarified saying that there was at least one other driver – 47 year old F1 racer Julian Bailey – and that others were lined up for whenever the three main Stigs had full schedules. This story looks like racing on…