Review: 90210 That was then, this is now

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90210: That was then, This is now, Wed January 21st, E4, 9pm Alert Me

Sitting down to watch this I was, well, not exactly hopeful. Having caught an episode of the new 90210 before Christmas I really wasn’t sure whether dedicating a precious hour of my life to this flashback marketing exercise would be worth while. Turns out I was wrong.

90210 That was then, This is now is a goody bag full of hilariously cringeworthy 90210 moments that serve to remind you both of how awesome the show was in its day as well as how totally absurd the stories were. With lines like ‘I’m the third best oral surgeon in Los Angeles’ (a random guy hitting on Kelly’s mum) and ‘Dylan! She’s a VIRGIN!’ (Brandon lays down the law for his sister), 90210 was in its day a masterpiece of teendom.

Looking back on Brenda, Kelly, Dylan and the mob reminds us of the icons of a generation- the clothes, the hair, the storylines and the off-screen gossip. Even now i’m not tired of hearing about what a total beeaaatch Shannen Doherty was and how old the cast really were: Luke Perry was 26 when the show started, when his character was 16.

Classic 90210 has a whole lot more to offer than the current vapid incarnation, something which this show actually serves to highlight despite its purpose in advertising the new version. In fact, after watching this I say don’t bother with the new one, go back and watch the old one.

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Hi Ozzanne,

You can watch 90210 again on Channel 4’s catch up service 4oD :


Ozzanne says:

where can i watch this again?