Thursday’s TV: Dexter is having a little trouble in the old…err…murder department

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DEXTER: ITV1, Thursday 8th January, 10:35pm  Alert me

Whether you’re a squeamishly compulsive eye-coverer or just can’t get enough of the gore, by God there’s something about Dexter that draws you in. Perhaps it’s the grim side in us all that’s intrigued and weirdly fascinated by the process of killing and the psychopathic murderer’s personality or maybe it’s sheer incomprehensibility that leaves us so gripped.  Either way this award-winning show has a magic ingredient and lucky for us, it’s back on our screens for a second series.

As we left the first, Dexter Morgan [played by the wonderful Michael C. Hall], by day a blood splatter analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department and by night a serial killer governed by a specific moral code taught to him by his adoptive father, discovered that ‘The Ice Truck Killer’ of Miami was in fact his brother, Brian Moser, who intended to kill Debra, Dexter’s adoptive sister.

This series, having killed Brian- the only one who truly understood him- in order to save his sister, the poor bloke is now having a little trouble in the old..err…murder department. Closely surveyed by Sgt. Doakes, who has never quite trusted him from the start, he tries his hardest to act as if he is leading a normal life.  But he hasn’t killed in over a month and he’s edgy. He longs for the thing that makes his world makes sense, quietens the chaos.  He wants it.  But just when it comes to the moment in hand, he can’t seem to do the deed.

Michael C. Hall is once again on top form as the, perhaps not quite lovable but certainly agreeable, killer and leads a whole heap of slick performances.  Expect some great things from this season as the police discover all of Dexter’s past victims in bags at the bottom of the ocean and it all gets that bit more interesting.  Mwhahahahahah…

By Susan Allen