France up in arms over TV advertising

January 7, 2009 by  
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No matter what you think about advertising most of us have pretty much got used to the little rascals popping up all over the shop on our television screens here in Britain, except of course on the BBC. But from yesterday France seem to be following in the UK’s footsteps and creating a Beeb, or Feeb if you like, of its own.

France’s President, Mr. Sarkozy, presented the reform a year ago announcing that it would “end the dictatorship of the ratings.” From now until November 2011, there is a ban on advertising on public television from 8pm until 6am. Daytime advertising will continue until 2011.

The President ‘s supporters have declared the ban on advertising on public television as a “cultural revolution”. However, the suppression of advertising on five French government-owned TV stations, which were put into action last night, has activated a strong resistance and angered TV journalists.

They are heavily critical of Mr Sarkozy’s motives, which are seen as the fortunate profits it will make for Television Francaise 1 SA’s Martin Bouygues- a friend of his, and the mistrust that he wants to exterminate public television because he views it as a cosy ground for left-wing journalists.

Let battle commence.