Pick of the Week: Monday 5th January

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BBC1, Mon-Fri 5-9th January, 7:00pm  Alert me

Adaptation of the famous wartime diaries. It is June 1942, and a young Jewish teenager is given a diary for her 13th birthday, but when call-up papers arrive for her sister Margot, their parents hasten their plan to go into hiding from the Nazis. Making their way to a secret annex above Otto’s spice company, they, along with their friends the Van Daans, are forced to obey strict rules of silence.

DEXTER – It’s Alive!
ITV1, Thursday 8th January, 10:35pm  Alert me

NEW SERIES.  Dexter Morgan has a problem, several in fact: his victims are escaping, Doakes is suspicious and constantly tailing him and, on top of all that, he cannot seem to kill anyone. It’s not that Dexter doesn’t want to, he does – he needs to.

ITV1, Friday 8th January, 9:00pm  Alert me

Connor and the team investigate an audacious murder – an ambulance run off the road, and its patient shot in the head. Media interest is high when the victim’s identity is revealed – Sebastian Cole, engaged to the tabloids’ favourite `It Girl’ Imogen Buller-Turi. As the police delve deeper, it becomes clear that this is not a simple case of road rage, and Connor is forced to accept an uneasy professional alliance.

MYTHS – Paris and the Goddesses
BBC2, Saturday 10th January, 12:45pm  Alert me

Six well-known Greek myths are given a modern twist. The stories revolve around the lives of several teenagers living in the village of Delphi. Fifteen-year-old Paris has always felt that he doesn’t fit in and it hardly helps that the love of his life, Helen, doesn’t even know he exists. But a chance meeting with Zeus at the house party of the year changes everything and gives Paris the opportunity to finally get noticed.